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Terry Summers


Recycled - A decade of waste cardboard sculpture 1999-2009

Terry Summers is a Brisbane based practising visual artist and sculptor. Terry wanted to create a coffee table book that would be a retrospective of his life's work focusing on the years 1999-2009.

WHAT WAS POMO'S Responsibilities?

It was important for Terry that he worked with a team that not only understood the arts but had the skills to to create and design a quality hard cover coffee table book. POMO was engaged for this unique graphic design and print management project.

Terry says he first used waste cardboard to make sculptures in an environmental exhibition in 1994 which was about deforestation, he discovered that 80 per cent of felled timber is pulped to make paper and cardboard, therefore he used cardboard as an artistic protest against this. He also found that cardboard was so strong and versatile that he continued to use it ever since in his exhibitions. Terry's works often have a political message broaching topics such as environmental issues, refugees and human rights.


POMO developed a strategy for the design and overall concept, some of the items considered were:

> What format would the book take - page length, overall size? How would this impact upon the budget?
> How would the book sit on a coffee table or a bookshelf among other similar books?
> What would it look like from cover through to index?
> Concept design - development of a guide for typography and layout that would fit with the artist's work, approved by the artist then implemented by POMO

POMO worked with an extensive range of media including sketches, photographs, handwritten notes, and sculptures. There were hundreds of individual items that needed to be managed and reproduced in order to get to create the finished product.



Voted best hardcover book by Geon.


Sales across Australia.

The 'Recycled' coffee table book launched at the Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia. The book is available through the artist's website and also from select art gallery book Australia wide.

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