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Urban Renewal and Placemaking on the Sunshine Coast

POMO is currently involved in an important urban revitalization project in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast. The urban space POMO is reinvigorating is a privately owned precinct that encompasses Majestic Cinemas, various commercial tenancies and a network of interconnected public spaces including a public transport hub with rail and bus.

Our aim is to transform the precinct into a destination that people want to spend time in and, in doing so, create a strong commercial leasing environment and a place that enjoys the support of the local community.

Urban renewal projects should always aim to transform spaces to encourage users to become more engaged with them.


POMO's methodology was based on the premise that nothing can sustain itself over time unless people are invested emotionally or intellectually.

Our aim was to create meaningful strategies to connect real people to real places, since we started with a human-centred approach, we put the desires and needs of the community at the heart of our process.

POMO set about creating a design strategy founded upon community engagement, research and public space analysis. As a part of the local community, POMO was able to feed local knowledge directly into the process.

A number of community needs and cultural/historical concepts emerged that we believed could be addressed through changes to the built environment.

Deicke Richards Architects then used this strategic information to generate a series of conceptual architectural responses which targeted changes to the built environment.

The vision for the space is to create a place that is vibrant and active both day and night.

A strategy of locally appropriate community-centred urban renewal and placemaking was born.


Moving a public space user from one side of the matrix to another is a key reason why commercial property owners will engage designers and placemakers like POMO. The precinct owners engaged POMO and Deicke Richards Architects to generate ideas and strategies to turn this urban space into a vibrant place.



Local community re-engaged with the space, increased foot-traffic.


More signed leases, better mix of tenants as recommended by strategic process.


Public art projects have improved amenity and user experience.


The space has been improved through building works envisioned by the strategic process.

The below video shows the original strategic visioning and design documentation for the precint. The document was written and produced by POMO with sketches by Deicke Richards Architects.

POMO's Design Director Stephen Burton talks about their use of a placemaking methodology to inform and guide strategic visioning for the precinct and subsequently inform design decisions.

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