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Nambour Town


Nambour: Urban Revitalisation & Sustainable Community Planning

POMO is currently involved in a pro-bono project for the benefit of the local Nambour community. The project involves the creation of a comprehensive community planning assessment and urban design proposal that is aimed at re-shaping the future of Nambour.

Nambour is expected to grow in population by 50% over the next twenty years. With this change comes immense opportunity for Nambour to revitalise and recreate itself as a sustainable and unique community. This change must be managed carefully in order to retain the unique character of the township as well as accommodate the changing demographic and land use patterns that will invariably occur.

POMO is preparing a proposal for the community called Nambour 2020 and Beyond. This proposal will demonstrate how urban design and community planning can be strategically deployed in order to create a sustainable local community and vibrant public realm in Nambour.

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