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This is our studio on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Drop by some time.

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Umbrella Flamingo

Engagement is Everything

To be successful a brand must not just reach - it must engage.

POMO is a multi-awarded brand agency whose practice covers all aspects of brand creation, brand re-development, brand implementation and brand engagement.

POMO works in digital, print and built environments.


Communication is Dead

It's no longer about sending a one-way message to your market - hoping to gain a moment's attention or encourage a course of action. Today, it's about building loyal communities who believe in your brand and are prepared to stand up and fight for it.


Create, Engage, Succeed



Consumers are tired of being marketed to. They want to be part of something, to belong and to feel connected with brands that add value to their lives and their way of living it.

POMO helps organisations to align their marketing & branding into a powerful matrix that connects and resonates with their target market. This is a unique process that POMO has developed from many years of experience and analysis.

Once a strategy is established, POMO creates (or recreates) the brand and the marketing tools necessary to empower brands to be successful.

POMO specialises in working with organisations who are setting out to be leaders in their industries and differentiate themselves from others in their market.

What POMO offers goes beyond the traditional model of merely communicating by sending a one-way message. POMO's process brings your brand into people's lives in order to create meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships.

POMO helps you to build communities of customers that truly believe in your brand.


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An engagement strategy can often emerge from a branding or re-branding process, however it can also be undertaken by any business looking for a better way to penetrate their market.

Strategy is the cornerstone of everything we do.

We find ourselves working with organisations who are;

  • unsure how to take their brand to the next level
  • unsure how to align their branding and marketing with their commercial aims
  • struggling to see a return on their current marketing spend
  • producing material that doesn't really capture who they are
  • engaging in the digital space but are not sure why or how to measure the return on investment
  • spending money on traditional forms of advertising but failing to see a return
  • spending money and time in the digital space but are unable to see a return or really understand what it is they are doing

We work with organisations who are often looking to do things differently within in their industries and create long-lasting highly valuable brands.

We align an organisation's marketing, messaging & branding into a powerful engagement matrix that connects and resonates with their target market. This is a unique process that POMO has developed from many years of experience and analysis.

Once we have the engagement strategy we can then design and create the tools across any media to deliver the strategy. Everything we do can be tracked and reported and time is time taken to revise and refine the approach.

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If you want people to engage with your brand you need to be positioned properly in order to do so.

Brand positioning is about working out what's unique about your brand, where you stand in the market, and how we can communicate what's different and appealing about you. This is often part of the branding or re-branding process but sometimes it's a task done on it's own.


We're experts in creating new brands for organisations or re-branding organisations with existing brands. The purpose of a brand is to provide a starting point for engagement between your target market and your business. Your brand is therefore a critical part of your key to success.

Every branding project we undertake starts with a process of brand analysis where we identify connections or find gaps between your brand and your commercial aims. This process can be as detailed or as simple as the project demands.

Branding may also necessitate market research to identify perceptions of an existing brand and shed light on what shape a new brand might take. Brand projects often finally involve applying the new brand throughout the organisation and it's marketing and communication materials.

It's true that sometimes branding can be more simple, but if not, it's good to know that we have expertise in projects of just about any size and complexity.


We create digital strategies for organisations of all shapes and sizes to help them achieve their engagement goals online. Our digital strategies are not pro forma but rather custom made for each organisation or campaign. Being custom made they can fit into a given budget.

Digital Strategy doesn't have to be overly complex but sometimes it can be, and often it can be a lot of hands-on work. This is why we also can execute the strategy on your behalf or in conjunction with you.

Everything we do is fully accountable – we generate reports and track results in real time so you can see the success of your strategy and the levels of engagement that it has generated.


If you want to look more broadly at how your brand can penetrate your market then we can create a marketing strategy that looks across all avenues of marketing and promotion. We can provide a plan for you to reach your market in a cost-effective way that measures your results and helps you to decide where to direct your budget.

These strategies can cover digital media, traditional media, sponsorships, charity alignment, loyalty programs, direct marketing, networking and other ideas suitable to your industry type.


LIsa Harrison our Digital Director wrote a course in 2012 known as Social Media Mastery. The course is aimed at marketers and business owners who want to use social media strategically within a business environment. The course also appeals to those looking to forge a career in the rapdily expanding social media industry.

In 2012 the course was picked up by the Brisbane City Council and was offered to one hundred flood affected businesses. It was funded under the Jobs and Skills Package – a joint initiative of the Queensland and Australian Governments.

You can now study this Social Media Mastery Course, complimented by a Cert IV Business (BSB40212) qualification. For more information on this course please contact Lisa directly at or call us on 1300 762 865.


Social media marketing is not as simple as opening a Facebook account and peeking at it occasionally. You need a targeted campaign combining a range of traditional and new media channels to build strong community engagement.

A strategic social media campaign is a wholistic approach to turning large audiences into brand advocates.


SMO, or social media optimisation, is the process of refining your social media channels to rank well for in-network searches. Every search aggregator on the planet regards pages with more traffic as being of value to consumers. This is the case for Google, Bing and Yahoo and applies similarly to Facebook, Twitter and the likes.

What this means for your digital footprint is roughly half of the next generations are looking to Facebook and Twitter first when searching the net, not Google. A Forrester Research study conducted by Cambridge University of American online behaviours in 2012 found half of all internet users aged between 18 and 23 years old, and 43 per cent of users aged between 24 and 32 used social networks as their preferred internet search resource, rather than Google.


We build websites and blogs. We can help you to decide what type of online presence you need and then step you through the process from beginning to end. We don't push any particular system or software – our advice is always dictated by your needs.

We believe that in order to get the most out of your website you also need a strategy. A website is part of your larger mix of marketing and branding and not something we believe can be approached in isolation. Our website work is designed for Engagement – it's driven by your unique brand and promoted by your digital strategy.


Our creative team have worked on literally hundreds of design projects ranging from print through to web and everything in-between. Our design work is driven by your strategic objectives and your commercial outcomes.

For us it's more than just making something look pretty – anyone can achieve that – for us it's about creating something that achieves a strategic result. We design for Engagement.


We don't try and compete with those who specialise in traditional media like TV, newspaper and radio, however we do have the capacity to book media across Australia if need be.

Where we fit in is creating a great campaign concept then delivering that concept across print and online media. Fully integrating your campaign between social media, websites, apps, pay per click advertising and print (including direct mail) is where we really shine.

We also love going way outside the box and coming up with unique ways to help you engage your target market with direct and unique initiatives.


We love coming up with creative ways to connect your brand to your market.

Our Art Director has a Masters in Creative Advertising and a huge amount of experience in creating campaigns of all shapes and sizes both in Australia and in Europe.


Sometimes writing about your own business can be harder than it sounds. Not to mention time consuming.

We are happy to help edit copy that you have written or write copy from scratch.


We manage the printing of just about everything we create. Our exclusive print partners have been part of our extended family for over ten years - our business matters to them which means your project gets the attention and the turnaround it deserves. Our knowledge of print means we can choose the best format for the project from the beginning.

We understand every aspect of the print process so you can relax knowing your project is being looked after by professionals from concept through to delivery.


If you're unsure who your market is we can help you find them. The more you know about your market the better we can be at engaging them.

In order to give your brand meaning in these people's lives we need to know what makes them tick. It's the first step in any kind of work we do.


You might be stuck for a way to breathe life into something, maybe it's your annual fundraiser, maybe it's your annual report, the list is endless.

Whatever it is, sometimes it pays to get a fresh perspective from a team of creative professionals.


If you want to know what your community is thinking or saying then we can devise a strategy to capture their opinions using a combination of social and other online media.

We partner with specialist community engagement organisations to help them harvest the information they need.


We're a unique team of people with multi-disciplinary backgrounds who think laterally across traditional spheres of knowledge.
Together we bring different skills and views to our projects, however we are bound by our passion to create and to challenge ourselves through our work.
As professionals we are tertiary educated, highly experienced and in some cases award winning. We are a team of designers, digital experts, writers and creative professionals, oh, and one cat.

Stephen Lisa Lila
Nathan Loris Trixie

Ready to Engage?

184/421 Brunswick St
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
T 1300 762 865

PO Box 4750
Sunshine Coast Mail Centre QLD 4560
T 07 5441 6605


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Working closely with us POMO revitalised our branding and created a great interactive online presence - it greatly exceeded our expectations.

POMO also helped with the implementation of online marketing which has helped prove very successful as customers feel a sense of belonging and insider knowledge of our business.

Shane McNally

POMO has been a long term supporter of the Brisbane Youth Service, POMO has assisted in providing pro-bono development of our quarterly newsletter and has supported an important community engagement campaign called Ruff and Rugged.

Richard Langford

POMO are able to grasp what we need to do quickly and produce creative work with great results for our organisation.

Jorgen Gullestrup

We have worked with POMO to develop our e-newsletter platform. This is now the key way we engage digitally with our clients and prospective clients. We have received great feedback from many sources and recommend POMO to others.

Peter Meiklejohn C.A.

It is an absolute pleasure to recommend you to my clients, as I not only have the utmost confidence in the quality of the work you create - but also in the manner in which you deal with them.

Janelle Macdonald

Thanks for doing such an awesome job on our brand and our website we love it.

Karen Voyzey

It has been a pleasure to work with the POMO team on three different and varied websites, and two branding campaigns.

We were consulted throughout the whole process and on each occasion, POMO delivered a creative vision that told our branding story to perfection.

Julie Frasa